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How Much Is Enough? Timeline Details.

You’ve worked for months ensuring every detail of your special day is perfect; now the day has arrived. Before you know it, you will be looking back at your photos reliving each moment that made your day perfect! Let’s talk about which wedding photography package is right for you as a couple to make sure you capture every moment that matters to you! This quote may prove true for the two of you: The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” ~ Michael Altshuler

Which of the following do you want captured on your special day: 

Getting Ready Photos: 30 minutes each

Detail Shots (invitations, dress, etc.): 40 minutes

Putting on the dress: 10-15 minutes

First Look: 25 minutes

Bridesmaid Reveal: 15 minutes

Couples portraits: 20-30 minutes

Bridesmaid Photos: 25 minutes 

Groomsmen Photos: 25 minutes

Full Wedding Party Photos: 15 minutes

Pre-Ceremony (Hidden): 45 minutes

Ceremony: 30-60 minutes

Family formals: 30-45 minutes (depending on size of family)

Dinner: 45 minutes

Reception (everything except dinner): 60-90 minutes

All of these times are consecutive.  A few things will affect how long certain portions of the wedding photos will take.  How big is your family? How many people are in your wedding party? These answers will directly affect how much time is necessary to capture the photos you want to commemorate! 

During the reception, how much do you want captured?  The first dance, cake cutting, and bouquet toss…OR all of that plus some action shots of guests dancing, the two of you laughing, and the limousine driving away?  If you want it all, I highly suggest choosing the longer package instead of trying to squeeze too many things in.

I have also included a wedding day timeline if you would choose NOT to have a first look.  This example is an 9-hour timeline.

12:30PM: Photographers Arrive + Capture Details

1:10PM: Bride/Groom “Getting Ready”

1:40PM: Bride/Groom “Getting Ready

2:10PM: Bride/Bridesmaids or Groom/Groomsmen Photos

2:35PM: Bride/Bridesmaids or Groom/Groomsmen Photos

3:00PM: Tucked Away (hidden from guests)

3:30PM: Ceremony Begins

4:00PM: Ceremony Ends | Family Formals Begin

4:30PM: Full Wedding Party Portraits Begin

4:45PM: Couple’s Portraits Begin

5:10PM: Announced into Reception + First Dance

5:20PM: Dinner Begins

6:00PM: Speeches / Toasts

6:10PM: Cake Cutting

6:20PM: Parent Dances


8:30PM: Bouquet + Garter Toss then Open Dancing

9:30PM: Grand Exit

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