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Essential Items for Your Wedding Detail Photos

Wedding details are some of my favorite photos to photograph on a wedding day. This is the first thing I start on when I arrive. I photograph your details in a way that matches and showcases the style and aesthetic of the day! These details help set the scene for the rest of your wedding photos.

The “details” that I photograph are any elements that you’ll wear or carry the day of. This typically includes things like wedding attire such as a dress and/or suit, hairpieces, shoes, jewelry, wedding bands, etc. All these items help me tell the story of your wedding.

During the planning process, I recommend collecting these items in one place to make sure you get these stunning detail photos! Some of these items you should already have, but if there’s anything that you want to be included that you don’t already have it may require some extra planning.

Here is an example list of the details I’ll photograph if they’re available:

  1. Invitation suite (2 copies of the full suite, if possible)
  2. Shoes
  3. Jewelry/Cuff links/Watch
  4. Perfume/Cologne
  5. Dress/Suit/Any Wedding Attire
  6. Tie
  7. Handkerchief
  8. Belt/suspenders
  9. Boutonniere
  10. Any extra ribbon, accents, or items of significance that represent the day
  11. Any gifts or notes from one another
  12. Rings and Ring boxes
  13. Bouquet and/or loose florals – Always check with your florist to see if they can provide some leftover, loose flowers for the detail shots.
  14. Vow books
  15. Any gifts or notes from one another
  16. Personal family heirlooms

Try to gather all your details before your wedding day in a box or tote bag, so you have everything in one location. This makes it easier on your wedding day, so you don’t have to search for things the day of. One less thing you have to worry about! I always remind my couples of this one week before the big day, so you have a small reminder if you do forget while planning!

For more wedding planning tips, check out my wedding planning blogs!

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