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Taryn + Jared | Fort Worth Botanic Garden Engagement Session

I recently had the pleasure of capturing the love and joy of Jared and Taryn during their engagement session at the picturesque Fort Worth Botanic Garden. With the scorching summer temperatures in mind, we strategically planned an early morning session to beat the heat. The cloudy skies, the peaceful garden vibes, and the couple’s amazing connection resulted in a collection of photographs that truly reflect who they are as a couple.

By arriving at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden early, we were able to experience the serene beauty of the gardens before the crowds arrived. The couple had the entire garden to themselves, allowing them to explore and enjoy each other’s company undisturbed. The peaceful ambiance enhanced the intimacy of the session, creating a truly special atmosphere for capturing their love.

As a wedding photographer, my aim is to capture the unique essence of each couple. Jared and Taryn’s deep love for plants and their shared passion for exploring gardens made the Fort Worth Botanic Garden the ideal location for their engagement session. The photographs portray them authentically, reflecting their connection as a couple and their individual personalities.

Picture this: Jared proposed to Taryn in the Japanese gardens a year ago. How special is that? So, returning to this meaningful place for their engagement session was extra sentimental. We captured their journey through candid moments of them exploring the garden’s stunning sections, along with a sprinkle of beautifully posed shots. Despite the heat, their smiles and love radiated through the lens.

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden provided an exquisite backdrop for Jared and Taryn’s engagement session. By opting for an early morning shoot, we beat the summer heat and enjoyed the tranquility of the garden. Their love and passion for each other, combined with their affinity for plants, made this session truly magical. I feel privileged to capture and preserve these precious moments, ensuring that they can be cherished for a lifetime.

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