Should You Get a Professional Wedding Album?

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You’ve probably asked yourself, is a wedding album worth it? Do we need one? What’s the point? I’m here to explain why I think making the investment in a wedding album is absolutely worth it and something you will treasure for a lifetime! I know wedding albums are an investment that can be a hurdle for many couples. You are already making a huge investment in your wedding day and an album may not be on the list of top priorities. But I want to take the time to discuss why it probably should be. So, should you get a professional wedding album?

As your wedding photographer, I wholeheartedly believe in printing your photos. You decided to invest in me and my craft. For that, I am forever grateful! I cherish each and every wedding day I get to be a part of. Because you have decided to invest in the importance of capturing and remembering your day, I already know you value photography and the significance of having something to remember your day forever. So let’s talk about why taking the next step of getting them printed is so important!

Having a tangible memory of your day is priceless.

Your wedding photos shouldn’t just exist on Facebook or Instagram. You’ve invested in hiring a professional photographer for the most important day of your life. Shouldn’t your photos be more than an expensive profile picture or gallery buried in years of photos? What happens when Facebook doesn’t exist anymore, (hello Myspace?), where do they go, and can you still find that USB or log in info to retrieve them? Don’t let your photos only live on the tiny screen of your phone.

Chances are you aren’t going to be passing down your iPhone or log in information to your children and grand children one day.

Building a wedding album with your photographer is about building a physical family heirloom that can be passed on for generations. I would even bet your parents and grandparents will love looking through it too!

As a professional photographer, not only will I design your wedding album to be completely timeless but I also have access to archival quality printers and high quality manufacturers.

What does this mean for you? This means your album will stand up to years of love without fading excessive wear and tear. These are meant to last, unlike many options out there that are available to the public.

Wedding albums are timeless.

You’ve likely looked through your parent’s or grandparent’s albums and have cherished memories of them. That’s because no matter how technology evolves, your album won’t disappear from the internet.

Having a physical album encourages you to look at your photos more often.

It also encourages you to reflect on them much more frequently than you would if they were hidden away on a digital cloud somewhere. They make beautiful coffee table books to share with family and friends, and they can be a keepsake for you to flip through as couple every anniversary with your favorite glass of wine.

So, should you get a professional wedding album?

The answer is heck yes!

As a photographer, I’m a huge advocate for printing your photos which is why I offer albums as an add on for every couple. I truly believe an album is one of the first most important investments you can make after the wedding is over.  Still unsure? On the fence if a wedding album is right for you? Reach out to me with questions. I’m happy to talk through all the options and benefits of getting your pictures printed. Here’s to making your memories last a lifetime!

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