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Hey, I'm Kimberly! I started photography as a hobby when I was in middle school and fell in love immediately. I've been photographing people since I could remember and all through high school & college no one ever told me that I'd be able to purse as a career. 

Photography felt like my passion, but I was told I'd never make any money creating art & following my passion. 

Go to college they said......ends up switching majors 3 times. Get a stable job they said.....Hates my life & mental health was deteriorating.  WHAT WAS THE DEAL? There had to be another way.

It wasn't until I met people that were actually doing what I had always wanted to do. It gave me the push I need to start a side hustle the turn photography into my full time career. 

I went from quitting my bartending job and dropping out of college to going full time in my business. Sounds absolutely crazy, right? Well, what's even crazier is that I made 6-figures my first year full-time DURING a pandemic.

Following my intuition & passion lead me to where I am today. I want to teach you that it's possible to make massive amount of money doing what you love, how you can start the business, AND be able to scale it so you can do it full time. 

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Ready to start & scale the business of your dreams, learn how to make massive amount of money, and get your brand seen by your ideal clients? 

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1 Month of Voxer Access, so you can ask questions beyond our call so I can guide you through what you need to get done and/or get pep talks from me.
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One month of Voxer access 
Get all your questions answered, get feedback on your working on, and get the accountability you need to finally get shit done. With me by your side, I'll guide you through what your struggling with.

Voxer Access


This is perfect if you're wanting to see how I work at a session or a wedding! You'll be able to tag a long to get a first hand look of how I pose, how I and communicate with my photography clients.