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How to Nail Your Engagement Session

Is your engagement photo session coming up? Whether you are already planning the day or just combing through your options for the future, these tips will help you nail your engagement session!

Make sure your location suits you.

Pick a location where the two of you can be in a natural, comfortable setting.  The more comfortable you are the more you can be yourselves, and that will show in your photos!  Are you both coffee lovers? You might feel cozy and natural at a local coffee shop! Are you homebodies?  Maybe you’ll feel best doing an in-home session! Do you have a special spot with personal meaning? Do you have a favorite downtown spot or park?  Just make sure you choose a location that means something to you as a couple and where you’ll feel relaxed!

Incorporate things you love.

There is no rule that says you have to sit nice and pose for your engagement photos.  If you have something you are passionate about that you want captured, let’s do it! Do you have the habit of taking bike rides or walking the dogs together?  Make your photos unique to your relationship by sharing something that the two of you love in front of the camera.

Plan ahead for hair + makeup.

Your engagement session might be a good time to schedule your wedding day makeup + hair test run if you are getting your hair + makeup done!  Make sure and schedule plenty of time to get these done before your session. If you need some recommendations for my favorite hair + makeup artists, I’d be happy to share them with you.

Wear something you feel comfortable in.

Make sure to choose outfits that will make you both feel comfortable during your photoshoot.  Outfits that aren’t overly flowy or likely to malfunction will be best. That way you won’t need to be worried about wardrobe malfunctions.  You’ll be more natural in front of the camera, and your photographer will be able to accurately capture the uniqueness of your relationship. Make sure to try on your outfit, and steam and iron your clothes well before the session. Nothing is worse than stressing right before your engagement session!!

Make the whole day a date!

If you can, why not spend the whole day with your partner?  You can have a day to connect and enjoy this day together. You are no doubt busy planning for your wedding, so taking this day to only focus on each other could be a fun and romantic date.  Maybe you can make time to grab a drink or a coffee before your session. Do something to calm the nerves and have a little fun! The better your day together proves to be, the better your photos will be also!

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