5 Reasons You Won’t Regret Hiring a Videographer

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Wedding films allow your wedding day to live forever.

One of the 5 reasons you won’t regret hiring a videographer is because your wedding is an event you will want to hold on to forever.  Hiring a videographer will ensure that you have those moments to relive.  Much like photography, videography captures moments in time so you can enjoy the day knowing you will see those beautiful scenes again.  You will be able to experience your special day in a video that will make you feel like you are saying “I do” all over again.  Videography works beautifully with photography to ensure that your wedding day will live on forever.  I absolutely love working alongside videographers to capture the beauty and the unique story that is your love story.  (If you are looking for a local recommendation, contact me!  I’d love to help.)

Your vows, music, and toasts cannot be photographed.

Sadly, memories of your special day will fade with time.  Soon, you won’t be able to remember the way your maid of honor laughed at the end of her speech, exactly how your spouse said, “I do,” or the way your friends and family danced the night away to your awesome playlist.  Wedding vows are a beautiful way for you to express your love and devotion to the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.  Toasts are an important way for your closest friends and family to share words of love and excitement for this new journey in your life.  Your music speaks about who you are as a couple, whether you will be entertained by a live band or you have carefully selected a DJ to set the tone for the evening.  Your vows, toasts, and music simply cannot be captured in a photograph.  A wedding film will not only capture these important moments of your day, but it will bring you back to that moment in time and keep that special memory clear in mind for years to come.  

A wedding film is easy to share with loved ones.

No doubt the first thing you will want to do when you receive your wedding photos is to share them with others.  Most of my clients will post some of their photos as soon as I send them a sneak peek, so I am sure you will want to share the moments of your wedding day with the world!  A wedding film is fun and easy to share with friends and family.  You can share your video on social media or send it to those closest to you.  Whether you post the video or share a link with others, everyone will love to see the special moments from your wedding day!  

Videos capture little moments that photographs cannot.

While photographs will capture the beauty and happiness of your day, videos capture movement, sound, and interactions between your beloved friends and family members.  Little moments will happen throughout the day and photographs will not be able to capture all of them.  A video can capture those in-between moments.  Video can capture little moments between people— the straightening of a tie, the way a groom’s facial expression changes when he sees the bride for the first time, hugs, wiping away happy tears, and every other little moment you will want to cherish forever.

You will be able to stay completely present on your special day.

Hiring a videographer will also help you to stay completely present on your wedding day because you won’t be as worried about missing anything.  Knowing you will have sound and video to bring back to mind the big moments as well as the small ones will put your mind at ease.  There will be times when your photographer will be taking photos of the two of you and your loved ones will still be relaxing and enjoying the day.  You will be able to see footage of some of those moments that you won’t necessarily even see on your wedding day.  You won’t need to worry about missing out completely on those times!  And that way, you can soak up every single minute of your day and rest assured you can relive your special day every time you watch your wedding film.

Here is one of my most favorite wedding videos I’ve watched AND also cried to:

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